2 Halloween Treats – Teaser Trailer and Ep3 of ‘From Script to Scream’

October 31st, 2014

On this very special Halloween we’d like to offer our flock not one, but TWO extra tantalising treats


Here in ‘The Outer Darkness’ we often stoop in the grim retreat of trickery, but today on this very special Halloween we’d like to offer our flock not one, but TWO extra tantalising treats. WE DARE YOU TO READ ON…

First up is the latest episode of ‘From Script To Scream’ our episodic documentary tracking the production of ‘The Outer Darkness’ presented by our sponsors Kessler University. You can check that out here.

The second sweetly corrupting treat is the first OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER for the film.

The film is still deep in the dark womb of post-production but we hope to bring it to you before Santa does his chimney waxing. HAVE FAITH IN DARKNESS

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