'From Script to Scream' is an episodic documentary tracking the production of 'The Outer Darkness'.

All episodes have been released for free by Kessler on the Kessler University website as well as right here in this archive. Watch out for the remaining three episodes, coming very, very soon.



Creating a film is a massive undertaking, especially one on the scale of The Outer Darkness. In this, the final episode of Script to Scream, the team discusses in great detail their post production process.

In episode 5 of Script to Scream the team shows the massive amount of work necessary to develop the hair raising Special FX seen in The Outer Darkness, including the horrifying Croupier character.

Get closer to the horror as James Greenwood and Myriam Tillson talk us through the specifics of crafting the special FX makeup and gore […]

In episode 4 of Script to Scream the team discovers that unique locations prove to be challenging

The Outer Darkness team finally realizes the results of their meticulous planning and principal shooting begins.

Episode 2 – Collaboration

November 30th, 2014

As the team prepares for principal photography, meticulous planning becomes an essential part of coordinating all of the moving parts and 3rd parties contributing to the short film.

Episode 1 – Pre production

October 30th, 2014

Script to Scream is an eight part series following the UK creative team behind Bloody Cuts as they produce their upcoming film ‘The Outer Darkness’.

Episode 0 – Introduction

September 30th, 2014

Over the next months a series of episodes of “The Outer Darkness: From Script to Scream” will be released for free by Kessler on the Kessler University website, with the short film itself also coming very, very soon.